January 3, 2015
Freestyle Sports Clinics


Growing up, playing sports is essential. It’s healthy. It develops motor skills. It’s highly educational on emotional, social and physical levels. It’s applying yourself to the situations at hand and reacting accordingly to the consequences, whatever they may be. It’s thinking on your feet and reaching your goals; but also not reaching your goals, dealing with that and learning from it. It builds character and creates friendships that can last a lifetime. It […]
October 8, 2014
coming soon austin freestyle sports

Coming Soon!

We’re coming to Austin! Freestyle Sports is almost ready to start. Check back regularly to see if we’re up and running already. For more information, please feel free to call or email! Mail to: info@freestylesportstexas.com
October 7, 2014
hardwood hustle freestyle sports

Develop the European Style Player

Hardwood Hustle knows whats up! Listen to Alan Stein (Stronger Team), Adam Bradley (Ball Hogs Radio) and Better Basketball CEO Rich Czeslawski talk about developing an European Style Basketball Player and the importance of humor. Check out the Hardwood Hustle website here.