Hard work beats talent every day. Whether you’re looking to learn to play the game of basketball or are searching for new ways to get an edge over your opponents, it all comes down to practice.
And who said practice can’t be fun? Freestyle Sports offers fundamental instruction mixed with music, show, humor and a genuine love of basketball.

Freestyle Sports believes in teaching players a solid technical foundation that they can rely on when encountering different situations in a basketball game. That means going into the WHY we choose to do certain moves a certain way, instead of just telling you HOW to do it over and over again. We believe that if a player understands the reason for doing something, he or she will create their own solutions and opportunities. This way, the game stays fun and creative.

Coach Ayla (7 year European professional player, 2 National Championships) and Coach Jasper (2 time Dutch Freestyle Champion) share over thirty years of experience in playing and teaching the game of basketball. Their unique teaching method creates a safe learning environment for players of all ages and all levels.

We offer group classes at two different locations: at the West Austin Youth Association in Central Austin and at our own half-court facility in Cedar Park. Please choose your preferred location below to see the current schedule and fees.

We work hard, 
We play smart,
We have fun!