Freestyle Sports Basketball Clinics

There is just nothing like it.

Back in 2006, Coach Jasper started developing a unique basketball clinic to introduce children to the game of basketball.  By combining original drills with his unmatched ball handling and adding humor and show, he knew he had something very special. After almost ten years of spreading his love for basketball in The Netherlands, Coach Jasper already reached one hundred thousand participants!

The Freestyle Sports basketball clinic is a 45 to 100 minute workshop during PE classes at Elementary and Middle Schools to provide a different, fun way to experience basketball, even for the youngest ones (starting at Kindergarten to eighth grade).
By combining music, humor and show elements into one intense session; participants are sure to experience the game of basketball in a way, never seen before. Amazing ball handling, unmatched enthusiasm and a strong message about confidence make this a class they’re not soon to forget.

basketball clinics freestyle sports

Freestyle Sports clinics are:

    • Unique
    • Educational
    • Fun!
    • Flexible: we adjust to your school’s schedule and wishes
    • Relevant: we can include different subjects (bullying, health, importance of failure, confidence, teamwork, work ethic, etc)


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Freestyle Sports Basketball Clinics