Are you ready to take the next step in your basketball career? Are you looking to start one? Get a one on one session with a highly trained coach! Come to our indoor facility with AC or we can meet you at your house or a community park near you.

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Freestyle Sports Facility in Cedar Park, TX

Improve your basketball skill set

Freestyle Sports offers a private session where you get all the personal attention you deserve. You’ll get specific areas to work on, individual coaching and all the help you need to set up long term goals. Whether you need a mere finishing touch or a complete introduction into the sport of basketball,  the Freestyle Sports basketball coaches are ready to work with you! You can book a 60 minute session at a day and time that’s convenient for you. Don’t want to travel? If you have a hoop available, Freestyle Sports can even come to your doorstep! 

Become a basketball Freestyler!

You can also schedule a one on one session with two time Dutch National Freestyle Champion Coach Jasper to learn the basics of Freestyle basketball. From spinning a ball on one finger to juggling tricks with three balls at the same time, Coach Jasper can teach you to put together a complete show! It’s great for your eye-hand coordination AND a ton of fun!

Focus on Sports Performance

If you are serious about competing in basketball, you’ll learn that it’s about more than just playing with a ball! To get an edge over the competition, you need a well balanced combination of physical attributes. This is where Freestyle Sports’ Sports Performance comes in. These private lessons focus on improving your body athletically, while still focussing on basketball efficiency. Get a clear picture of where you stand with the unique Athletic Capabilities Evaluation and get to work on a combination of power, coordination, balance, agility and endurance with the Freestyle Sports coaches.