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That. Specialty Cake Company

that. specialty cake company freestyle sports

Work Hard. Play Smart. Have Fun…. and Eat Cake!

At Freestyle Sports, we value an active and healthy lifestyle. This is why we teamed up with Thundercloud for both the Summer and
Winter Camps to provide healthy lunches for our hard working campers.
After all; working hard and having fun for four days is very taxing and the players need their energy!

This past Winter camp was no different; the kids showed up early and worked hard every day. We talked about the importance of breakfast,
a good night’s sleep, made sure everybody drank enough water and had healthy sandwiches at lunch.
At the end of camp, the players deserved a special treat and the wonderful people at that. specialty cake company made it happen.

As the final scrimmage came to it’s end, the players were instructed to set up the lunch table once more for a ‘special surprise’.
That. Specialty Cake Company brought in the most amazing, custom made, Freestyle Sports cake (100% edible!).
It was almost a shame to cut it into pieces. Almost. Because it was absolutely yummy!

We would like to thank That. Specialty Cake Company for the most awesome cake in the universe.
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Contact That. Specialty Cake Company to order your custom cake that your guests will remember for a long time!
The possibilities are endless (including gluten free options) and the people are absolute artists.

that. specialty cake company freestyle sports

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