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January 3, 2015
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March 31, 2015
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Choose wisely

choose wisely freestyle sports

“I don’t have any time. My schedule is just too busy. The weather was bad. If it wasn’t for <circumstance>, then….”  Oh, how we love to blame circumstances.

Whatever life throws at you, you always have a choice. I realize that the difficulty of our choices varies under the circumstances we have to makes them in. Heck, sometimes it seems pretty much impossible to see past circumstances. But even when things get rough, there is always a choice.

When it comes to basketball practice, you have the choice to work hard. Every time you enter the gym. Every single time up or down the court. You can have the best coach in the world; if a player does not choose to work hard, he’s not going to be the best player he can be.

Hard work is a choice. So choose wisely.

If your goal is improvement as a basketball player, then choose to improve as a basketball player. This is not the same as wanting or wishing, mind you. If you really make that choice, then you’ll
just. Do. It. And you’ll keep doing it until you’ve done it. Tired or not, bad weather or not, busy or not… It is up to us, as coaches, to guide you and offer the right tools to make sure you practice
efficiently and safely. But you do the work, if you choose to work.

In October of 2014, I determined I was out of shape, because of my circumstance (a career ending back injury).  I chose to no longer be a victim of circumstance and changed it. In three months, I lost close to 30 lbs. and I improved my physical capacity tremendously (and my quality of life with it). Dozens of people have come up to me, asking “how did you do that?” or “what is your secret?”

I can only answer: I chose to do something about it.

Work hard, Play smart, Have fun! 
Coach Jasper

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