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March 13, 2020
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April 22, 2020
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March 25th, 2020

We would like to update you on the current status of our business. As of yesterday 11:59 PM, we had to close our doors and stay at home. Though we appreciate spending time together as a family, it is a hard time as small service business owners as all of our services (and therefore our income) have come to a halt.

We are committed to provide your families with free online content through these times. Please follow us on Social Media and YouTube, where we will be posting the videos. As of today, we have four videos online and plan to keep posting videos as long as the Stay-at-Home order lasts, even from our own backyard!

We are planning to start everything again on April 14th, depending on Federal, State and Local guidelines. We are stewards of health and need everything to be safe before we can start. We can start with Private Lessons as soon as the restriction is lifted, Freestyle Select practices will start on April 16th and Group Classes will start on April 18th (see schedule here). Summer Camps are also still planned starting June 1st (see Summer Camp schedule here).

We have already had some of you reach out and ask us if there is anything you can do to help out. It really means a lot to us that you are thinking of us, while everyone is having a difficult time. We understand you have far more important issues to deal with right now, but if you would be able to consider purchasing credits for our services, to be redeemed whenever able, that would mean a lot for our business and our family!

For instance, you can buy a private lesson package that you can schedule at your convenience, when we’re back to normal life. Or you can purchase a camp entry, that is redeemable for any future camp (Summer, Fall OR Winter)! We are thankful for your support.

We’re looking forward to seeing y’all again very soon. In the meantime, we will be using this time to enjoy being together as a family and staying safe. Helping others where we can, too.

Please stay healthy and safe!

Kind regards,

Jasper, Ayla & Huxley Eden
Freestyle Sports

March 20th, 2020

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. We want to thank you for your support and patience.⁣
A lot has changed the last couple of days and we believe a lot will continue to change in the next few days and weeks. We have listened to your feedback, taken Federal and Local guidelines into account and we tried to make the best decision for our business, our clients (you guys) and our own family. Since yesterday’s executive order, we have decided that any type of group class, whether it’s a team practice or small group training, would not be wise right now and would go against the order of social distancing.⁣

This means directly that we will have to cancel all group classes in Cedar Park, at WAYA, at the Austin Sports Center (South Austin) and at the Georgetown Rec Center. If you already purchased classes or a season at those locations, you have received or will receive an email from us soon. We appreciate your support, since we all know this is out of everyone’s hands.⁣

Yesterday, Gov. Abbott gave out an Executive Order, which included the closure of all gyms, at least until April 3rd. We tried to submit a question during the Town Hall meeting last night, to figure out if that would mean we have to close the doors of our Cedar Park facility as well. Unfortunately, the Executive Order nor the Town Hall meeting defined what a ‘Gym’ is, so we contacted Sheriff Chody, of Williamson County. He referred us to the County Attorney and they have let us know we can still operate, as long as we can follow the guidelines.⁣

This means we are allowed to be open to provide Private Lessons. We are taking the following precautions:⁣

  • Everyone entering and leaving our facility must wash their hands.⁣
  • No handshakes, fist bumps, high fives, etc.⁣
  • No drills that require physical contact.⁣
  • Keep a distance of at least six feet.⁣
  • If possible, bring your own ball.⁣
  • Before and after each lesson we disinfect all surfaces and equipment.⁣
  • Please monitor your health, measure temperature and if anyone in your household has any symptoms, please do not to come. We do the same within our own family. ⁣

We also understand some of you would rather not leave your house at all, either because of health concerns for yourself or family member with a compromised immunesystem or other risk factors. Or because you simply feel like that is the best decision for you and your family. We completely support you in any decision you make and don’t want to leave you hanging. Therefore we will be providing Online Workouts that you can do from home. Please know that we are not selling you this; these videos are free for everyone.
You will just need a ball. Of course, we’ll let you know when and where it is posted!

Your feedback is of great importance in making these videos useful. We are also exploring options to provide ‘distant coaching’ with various online resources. We will keep you up to date if and when that takes shape.

Please stay healthy and safe!

Kind regards,

Jasper & Ayla Eden

March 13th, 2020

Dear friends,

At Freestyle Sports, we are committed to providing a safe learning environment for all our players. Due to the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus worldwide, we feel it is necessary to address how our company is dealing with the ongoing situation.

For most of our services, we are dependent on other company’s policies and we like to honor those. Having said that, we are planning to keep offering our services, until further notice. ‘Business as usual’, so to speak, with a few key precautions that we have taken. We trust all players, families and staff to respect and follow these as well:

  1. Don’t risk it. If you don’t feel well, stay home.
  2. Be mindful of “respiratory etiquette”; cover your coughs.
  3. Wash hands before AND after every class or practice.

We share your concerns for public health as well and we don’t take this lightly. We will monitor any developments and direction given by federal, state or local health departments, like CDC, Texas Health and Human Services, Austin Public Health.

The main reason for us to keep providing the best sport instruction we can offer, is that while there is not a lot known about this virus, one thing is pivotal for people to do: Keeping your immune system strong. We believe that (besides good sleep, proper hygiene, low stress and healthy foods,) physical activity is tremendously beneficial. That is what we can contribute and hope to keep doing, for a long time.

We work hard.
We play smart.
We have fun!

Jasper & Ayla Eden

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at
info@FreestyleSportsTexas.com or (512) 765-1285

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