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Do work

Do work freestyle sports

As the off season progresses and summer races by, I’d like you to think about next season. Do you have any goals (more playing time, improved shooting, make the team, etc.)?
If you do, great! You’re looking to improve yourself and that is fantastic. However, think about this:

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Let me explain. If you just ‘want something’ (I want more playing time. I want to improve my shooting. I want to make the team), you’re basically just wishing. I want to be better.
Well… we all do. I want a million dollars. But that doesn’t bring me any closer to that goal.
Having wishes is a good thing, but it’s not enough. Let’s go through four steps to turn your wishes into goals you can (and will) achieve:

  1. Check it.
    Is your goal possible? And with possible, I mean not-impossible. So I’m not talking about the chance of something happening, but in a sense that it could fundamentaly exist in our world. So me becoming an astronaut is entirely possible, while me becoming a fire breathing dragon is not (aww!). It could be anything! If your goal is possible, then it is achievable.All it needs is X amount of effort + X of time.
  2. Believe it.
    Once you realise your goal is possible, you can decide for yourself to achieve it. If you believe in it, you feel determined. You will know that you will achieve it.
    (I WILL get more playing time. I WILL improve my shooting. I WILL make the team).
  3. Plan it.
    Knowing it is going to take X amount of effort and X amount of time, you’re going to have to make your goal a bit more specific (I will get 5 more minutes of playing time. I will improve my shooting with 10% FG and better shot selection. I will make the team before Christmas).
    Once your goal is clear, look at the how. This is where you share your goals with other people, you ask questions and you listen to their advice. For instance, it would be a good idea to ask your coach what he thinks you could improve on to up your playing time. Ask a great shooter to look at your form. Do research on the people who already achieved what you are aspiring. Make a plan for that and commit to it.(Coach agreed to up my playing time if I show an improved ‘off the ball defense’. I will study NBA footage for 30 minutes, every other day. I have booked three private lessons to work on spacing and footwork. My teammates know what I want to work on and help me during practice).
  4. Do it.
    Go do it. Don’t say “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start Monday!”.
    Why not today? Why not now? 5 minutes of work beats 100 years of wishing any day.
    Go out, do work and you’ll be a step closer to your goals than you were yesterday!

Work hard, play smart, have fun!

Coach Jasper

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