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August 4, 2015
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January 31, 2016
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Excellence is a habit

Excellence Freestyle Sports

School’s starting, season’s starting… summer’s as good as over. Everyone is getting back into their everyday rhythm. As routine kicks in, I’d like for you to think about how you approach your everyday tasks.

So you want to be the best player? Start being a good student, a good friend, a good sibling, a good kid and a good neighbor.

I’m sure you give it your all at practice or during games, but how about at school? Are you being the best student you can be?
How about at home? Are you doing your chores? Are you helping out your parents and/or siblings?

It’s relatively easy to put in effort into something you are passionate about. If you LOVE to play soccer, you’ll have no problem with working extra hard during practice. But mowing the lawn, walking the dog when it rains or helping your mom do groceries? Not so much. You’ll find it is a lot harder to commit yourself to the ‘no fun stuff’. But that stuff is very, very important. No matter how important sports are for you, life is about more than the game.

Ironically, if you would like to excel in your sport, you will have to excel in those other areas as well. Just like how a rough day at school might make it harder for you to focus during practice; it works the other way around, too! If you feel great in the morning it’s going to carry over to the afternoon. Everyone has good days and bad days but if you put in the effort to be helpful, respectful, kind and generous; you will find yourself more successful in every walk of life.

Excellence is a habit.

It basically comes down to “What goes around, comes around”. If working on being the best version of yourself becomes a habit, good things will happen to you as you continue to put yourself in the best position to succeed. So try your best to be a good person: take out the trash, walk the dog, do your homework, offer someone your help… If they ask you why, just reply “no reason.” You’ll find out it’s pretty cool to be able to help others. In pursuing greatness, every little thing counts. Every little thing matters.


Work hard, play smart, have fun!

Coach Jasper

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