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April 14, 2015
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July 6, 2015
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It’s June already and lots of basketball players have try outs coming up, in the Summer.
If you’re trying out for a basketball team soon, consider this blog post a handy reminder going in.

Do you remember the last person you saw yesterday, walking outside?
You propably don’t.
Do you remember the last time a person made you laugh so hard, your belly hurt?
You probably do. And thinking about it, you’re probably smiling right now.

It is up to you how you are remembered. Impress or be forgotten.

Your brain picks and chooses who and what to remember, unconsciously.
It filters out those memories that didn’t make that much of an impact and stores the ones that did. You noticed. They got your attention. And they make you feel a certain way, be it positive (joy, love) or negative (anger, sadness).
People who notice you do the same thing. The people who see you walking down the street will probably have forgotten about you after a few minutes. The people you interacted with will remember you a while longer. And it is up to YOU how you are remembered.
You remember the last person who was rude to you. And you remember your last hug.
This is why an act of kindness goes a long, long way.

At a basketball try out, all players are trying to get the coach to notice them. Everyone tries to play their best and so are you. But sometimes it’s hard to get noticed.
Sure a 360-windmill dunk from the free throw line will get his attention, but if that’s not in your arsenal just yet, consider this: a coaches’ impression of you reaches far beyond just playing on the court. Ask yourself:

Are you the first one in the gym?
Do you go around to introduce yourself?
Do you make eye contact with the people you speak with?
Do you show confidence by standing straight and speaking up?
Do you address others well mannered and with respect?
Do you make sure you look well groomed?
Do you ask questions?
If you do, do you listen carefully to their replies?
Do you run to every spot, between drills?
How do you spend your water break?
Do you keep a positive attitude (high fives, compliments)?
Are you focused?
Do you stay to work on your game, after practice?

I’ve read from tons of coaches about this one player, who was ALWAYS first in the gym. He always looked ready (shoes tied, jersey tucked) and approached everyone with great manners and respect. He brought his own ball and outworked everybody on the team, while staying supportive and positive. During water breaks, he’d ask the coaching staff about plays and what he could improve on. Then, after practice, he’d thank the coaches and ask for more pointers. Then he’d go and work on those pointers until they HAD to send him home.
Tonight, this player is playing Lebron James and the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.
His name? Steph Curry, this year’s MVP.

Coaches who have coached him fifteen years ago, still remember him. And it wasn’t just his brilliant game that impressed them.
You only get one chance for a first impression. Make it count.

Work hard, play smart, have fun!

Coach Jasper

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