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October 8, 2014
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Growing up, playing sports is essential.

It’s healthy. It develops motor skills. It’s highly educational on emotional, social and physical levels. It’s applying yourself to the situations at hand and reacting accordingly to the consequences, whatever they may be. It’s thinking on your feet and reaching your goals; but also not reaching your goals, dealing with that and learning from it. It builds character and creates friendships that can last a lifetime. It builds confidence and motivation to be the best version of yourself.

But let’s not forget one of the most important aspects: it’s fun!
And aren’t the ‘Main Objectives’ of being a kid:
1. Get an education
2. Have fun?
Isn’t the primary motive for any child to do anything, that it is fun?

We all know playing sports can be incredibly beneficial, yet we all think it’s ‘not for everyone’. Which is why youth sports is so sensitive: children are honest. If they don’t like something; they rather do something else. And they’re right!

This is where we come in. We think playing sports is for everyone.
We’re not talking World Series, World Cups or Olympic regiments, here. It’s about kids playing sports: it’s development, it’s making friends and it’s discovering sports in a safe, creative environment. Freestyle Sports values one thing above all: experiencing sports the way it is intended. By enjoying it, by having fun. And with the right guidance in the right learning environment, you’d be amazed at how kids will develop athletically!

Every time we drop the ball, we grow. 

Nobody likes to get yelled at by an overly fanatic coach, yet everybody likes to ‘win’. It’s always the first thing asked when a kid played a game; “Did you win?“. ‘Losing a game’ is treated like failure and we should be ashamed if we do lose. We, at Freestyle Sports, believe that losing is part of the game. Using ‘failure’ as a positive learning experience motivates bettering yourself in those situations. Now, don’t get me wrong; losing is never the goal. But neither is winning at all costs.

The goal is to play the game to best of your abilities and enjoy it, regardless of the outcome.

Know this: nobody knows the scores of the games they played when they were a kid. But we all know whether we enjoyed it or not.

I have spent well over 10,000 hours with a basketball in my hands and while this term is way overused, I truly love the game. My love for the game of basketball is not about the wins, the championships or the trophies I’ve gathered.
It’s about the feeling I get when I hear a ball bounce, that reminds me of all the great, great memories I have.
It’s about the countless hours I have spent working on a craft, bettering myself as a player and a human being.
It’s about the people, who I love dearly,  that I have met playing basketball.
It’s about the incredible amounts of fun sports gave me, that nobody can take away from me.

It’s what memories are made of. It’s the legacy of youth sports.

Work hard, Play smart, Have fun! 

Coach Jasper

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