Improve your soccer skills

Freestyle Sports offers a private session where the client gets personal attention, goals to work on, individual coaching and a personal soccer workout. Do you need to work on that one particular skill? Or do you feel you are lacking something but are not sure what? The Freestyle Sports’ coaches can help you. In a 60 minute session, the coach can stop and deconstruct the workout. Freestyle Sports uses the Dutch renowned Ajax Academy approach to teach soccer to youth players.

Focus on Sports Performance

Besides a one on one session focused on soccer techniques and fundamentals, it is also possible to work on your physique with a Freestyle Sports coach. These private lessons focus on improving your athlete body. Do you want to get stronger? Faster? Have better coordination? Have more power or better balance? Improve your agility or flexibility? Or do you want to build a larger endurance? These private lessons focused on sports performance are the way to go. The Freestyle Sports coaches will test you to determine the base level and work with you to improve and reach your goal.

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