Our strength & conditioning programs are not only for the professional athletes. Even young aspiring children and athletes benefit from our services. It is a great tool to see where you are now and where you can improve. Measuring is key to growth. Do you want to get stronger? Faster? Have better coordination? Have more power or better balance? Improve your agility or flexibility? Or do you want to build a larger endurance?

Sign up for our weekly bootcamps with Coach Monica. Purchase the season for a discount, or sign up for single sessions for any day and location you are available.

Each session will be an hour long and will include a warmup, explanation of exercise techniques, a strength portion and a workout portion. The focus will be on body weight exercises with occasionally some added weight. The goal is to create a quality movement pattern for all athletes of any level, so they can excel in their sport.

The exercises are short and high intensity, but we only want you to go as fast or as heavy where you are still using the right techniques. Educating young athletes on the proper way to move is key. This will prevent later injuries and slow down wear and tear.


  • Tuesdays: Sun Tree Park in River Place (10607 Sun Tree Cove, Austin, TX 78730)
  • Thursdays: Brentwood Park in Central Austin (6710 Arroyo Seco, Austin, TX 78757)


3rd – 5th grade | 9:00 – 10:00 AM
6th – 8th grade | 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Summer Season 1 runs from June 4th – June 27th. Four sessions for $50 or single sessions for $15 per session.

Summer Season 2 runs from July 9th – August 1st. Four sessions for $50 or single sessions for $15 per session.

Pick your weekly session and get a discount for purchasing the whole season, or pick any class you want to attend for $15 per class. All you need to bring is a bottle of water and appropriate clothing for exercising outside.