Video analysis of sport specific movements is relatively new in the sports industry. While the professional organizations already use it, it is hardly used in the talent development and semi-professional settings.

With our Video Analysis service, Freestyle Sports can support any athlete to reach the next level. We will identify areas of improvement, highlight and breakdown techniques, compare them to professional athletes and enhance the learning process. The possibilities are endless: we can measure speed, acceleration and range of motion, we can highlight and enlarge important areas of the video, we can compare two to four videos with a split screen or overlay.

Freestyle Sports can also break down game tape, by coding, tagging and highlighting important events. Full statistics can be attached to the video. What are all the outcomes of one particular play? How did player A perform in a certain defense? How many of player B’s passes were off target?

Freestyle Sports uses the Dartfish software, a world renowned video analysis solution. In the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, over 68% of the medals won were earned by Dartfish users.

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Breakdown of the video analysis service:

  1. Intake with athlete/coach: What do you want to improve? What are your expectations?
  2. Video taping the event: A Freestyle Sports coach will come to your event to video tape the technique you want to improve.
  3. Output: The analyzed video will be delivered on DVD with advice on how to improve.

You can show the DVD to your trainer or work on it yourself. It is also possible to work one on one with a Freestyle Sports coach and get a discount of 10% on the private lessons.

Coaches have the possibility to book a team session. Please contact the Freestyle Sports team using the contact form on the right to get a personalized quote.