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February 9, 2017
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June 5, 2017
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Time off? Time to work!

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March Madness is almost upon us and for most of y’all, that means your season is coming to an end.
Understandably, the question is:

…now what?


Well, first off: acknowledge how blessed we are to be able to play this beautiful game with our friends and all the support we have. Take some time to reflect on how much fun it was to work together, to learn together and to play together. Regardless of the end ‘result’. Be thankful for your teammates, opponents, coaches and volunteers.
Secondly, get to work.


If you want to develop as a basketball player, the ‘end of season’ means the start of putting in the work for next season.
Sure, you can use the Summer time to play and enjoy as much pick-up basketball as you can; just make sure you do so efficiently. Make sure that your practice hours exceed your playing hours and use the playing hours to apply what you’ve worked on in the practice hours.

Look back at last season, think about what it is that you can improve on. Not sure? Ask your coach!
You and your team will reap the rewards of your hard work when the next season comes along. You are responsible to return to your team a better teammate and a better player.
So let’s get to work.


Well, there’s plenty of options!

  1. Book a series of private sessions with coach Ayla and or me, coach Jasper
  2. Attend our Spring Break Camp to learn, practice AND play with us!
  3. Learn, apply and master your new skills at our WAYA program on Saturday mornings!
  4. Keep your eye open for our Summer Camps as the ultimate preparation for your next basketball season.

Got questions? Shoot!

Work hard, play smart, have fun!

Coach Jasper

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