2024 Group Class Schedule

For $179 per month, you can attend up to three classes per week.

New group classes start mid-February. Register in January or February to get one or two more months at $120 per month. Your March renewal will be renewed at $179 per month.
Your membership renews automatically every 4 weeks. You can cancel anytime before your next payment without a cancelation period or fee. When you sign up for a membership, you receive a unique code you can use to register your child for the appropriate group classes. You can register up to 4 weeks in advance (until your membership renews).


Freestyle Community Center

For all our groups, we will be dividing up the groups as much as possible, based on skill level. We currently have three baskets and planning on adding a fourth before the summer. For the Middle and High School athletes, we will also splitting boys/girls where necessary. If your child falls in the “in between ages”, like 5, 8 and 11 years old, feel free to choose which group is best for your child and schedule. If you are not sure which one, please let the coach know so we can help you decide.

Freestyle Sports offers basketball classes for kids of all ages and levels. With tremendous experience in the fundamental European style of basketball, our coaches are ready to work on all aspects of your game! We prides itself in their ability to give every player the individual attention they deserve. With a focus on personal development, players work on decision making, creativity, confidence, sportsmanship and work ethic. All vital skills that go a long way, even beyond the basketball court.

With Dutch National Titles in both professional and Freestyle basketball and 15+ years of teaching experience, we have been able to create a unique method: the creative sports experience! The creative sports experience is the perfect combination of enjoying the game we all love and developing the fundamentals through a European-style basketball education in a safe learning environment.

Whether you have never played basketball before or are looking to take your game to the next level, we’ve got you covered! Our classes are about working hard, playing smart and most of all, having fun!

Freestyle sports group class



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