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We are officially open!

We officially finished building the ADA compliant bathroom and got our Certificate of Occupancy almost two weeks ago, so we were able to host our first camp at the Community Center this past Thanksgiving break. We ae so happy we can move forward and offer all our (new) services now!

We are saving up for the second basket on the opposite side of the court and will be adding lines there as well. We’ll also finish putting the lines down for the three point line.

We’ll hang up a TV at the couch that parents can use to watch sports and coaches can use to go over game film. That area will also have a fridge and coffee station. We have a (home)work station with outlets right behind the couch and the picnic table will make place for a air hockey table in the next week or so. 

Services we can now offer are private lessons, group classes, camps, pickleball court rental, homeschool & toddler sports and Open Gym (read more about this below).

Just a reminder on what it first looked like:

daily open gym family membership

Starting this week, we will be offering Open Gym timeslots. One monthly fee of $99 for the whole family. Cancel anytime. Please list names and date of birth of all family members in the notes at checkout. We will be offering this Monday through Thursday 3 – 5 PM (not during school holidays).

Come in and do your homework, play chess, pickleball, basketball, air hockey or any other games we have available. On certain days, the food trucks and coffee truck will be open as well.

Open Gym is open to all ages, but 5th grade and below may not be left without the supervision of a parent or guardian (16 years or older with a valid drivers license).

Winter Break Camps

School Holidays/Staff Development Days
December 21 & 22
January 8 & 15

Kinder – 3rd grade

4th – 8th grade

9 – 12:30 PM

12:30 – 4 PM
$75Freestyle Sports FacilityBook Now
Winter Break 2023
Wednesday Dec 27 –
Friday Dec 29
Kinder – 8th grade9 AM – 12:30 PM$145Freestyle Sports FacilityBook Now
9 AM – 4 PM$265
Winter Break 2024
Wednesday Jan 3 –
Friday Jan 5
Kinder – 8th grade9 AM – 12:30 PM$145Freestyle Sports FacilityBook Now
9 AM – 4 PM$265