Newsletter October 2023


Groups at Santa rita elem.

october 28th | 11 AM - 3 PM

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We have moved to 75 seward junction loop

It has been three weeks since we moved to Liberty Hill, and while we are not officially open yet, we are loving the new space! We are currently still working on the second (ADA compliant) bathroom and have encountered a few (plumbing) delays. Nothing major, but it does delay the timeline of finishing the bathroom a bit. 

While we work on the bathroom, in the next few weeks we will add the three point line as well. We are excited we are able to work on a full size half court, WITH corner threes (our old space did not have this). The back half of the court is currently set up as pickleball court (for parents and siblings to enjoy during private lessons), and in the future we will add a second basket and second full size half court as well. 

We keep checking off other things from our to-do list as well (adding more outdoor lights, setting up trash service, WIFI, water fountain and office). We are also going to set up a “living room” experience in the lobby, with a coffee bar, fridge and TV (for playing and watching games). If anyone has a rug, small fridge or TV (50″+) they would like to donate towards this, that would be greatly appreciated!

Our other services (like pickleball rental, after school open gym, Homeschool PE and toddler sports) will also have to wait until we finish the bathroom. Thank you for your patience while we make this space as safe, functional and fun as possible!

Saturday groups temporarily at santa rita

While we keep working on the second bathroom in the facility, we decided to move our Saturday Morning Group Classes temporarily off site, to Santa Rita Elementary. Their gym is less than a mile from our facility and has 6 baskets we can use. We will be combining all three groups into a two hour class (doors open at 9 AM, pickup at 11 AM). 

If you have a group class membership, you can use your code to register for this class. Drop-in for the Saturday class is only $35 per player.


Coach Parker has moved into UT and is available for Private Lessons in the Central Austin area most days of the week, when he is not running After School programs at The Girls School or Paragon. Coach Parker also runs group classes and the Champs League at WAYA. You can schedule lessons with him at WAYA (you have to be WAYA members), at a park near by or at your residence. 


Get ready for tryouts with this 3 lesson package. We’ll work on evaluation, skill development and tryout testing to make sure you’re ready. This package gives you three private lesson credits at our facility at a discount, to prep for tryouts. To be used within 60 days of purchase.

Limited time deal, so schedule before it’s gone!

Freestyle pumpkin fest

Saturday October 28th, 11 AM – 3 PM. Come on over to the Freestyle Community Center right after the Saturday morning group class for some Fall Fun! Join us to craft a pumpkin of your choice with fun Halloween stencils, foam monster faces, paint, gems, jewels & buttons. Limited spots available for the pumpkin decorating ($15 per participant, includes pumpkin and all crafting supplies).

We will also have a food truck for lunch, a lemonade and beer (fire)truck for thirst, a (FREE) face painter and a few pumpkins for sale! We are excited to see you there.