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July 6, 2015
Youth Basketball Camps Freestyle Sports

Youth Basketball Camps

Our friends at have included us in their Texas Camps Listing. You can find us and more basketball camps in Texas in their directory. is a website directory to find other basketball camps. With links to over 3,000 camps around the world you are bound to find a camp near you! And for the most popular camps, read reviews, check out pictures, and watch videos.
June 4, 2015
impress freestyle sports


It’s June already and lots of basketball players have try outs coming up, in the Summer. If you’re trying out for a basketball team soon, consider this blog post a handy reminder going in. Do you remember the last person you saw yesterday, walking outside? You propably don’t. Do you remember the last time a person made you laugh so hard, your belly hurt? You probably do. And thinking about […]
April 14, 2015
jasper eden freestyle sports resilience


Name me a team, any team, with a one hundred percent win rate. Name me an elite athlete who has never lost a single game. Losing is part of playing sports. It is one of the two hardships we face in sports (the other one being injuries). So in order to become a great player in any sport, a player has to know how to handle these hardships. With March […]